Timetable Effective December 2018


Make positive changes and new habits.
All new 8 Week Program to kick start the New Year

Feel accountable and motivated.

Change your Mindset
Understand food and how to eat for you!
Get moving and improve your health and fitness

All sessions held indoors in Point Cook
in air conditioned comfort



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Email: cjshealth@bigpond.com
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Group Testimonials

"I feel healthier, happier and fitter and have made new friends too.  My confidence has increased and the challenge has changed my outlook on food. I loved every minute and highly recommend the 8 week Challenge if you wish to lose cm and feel better about yourself"
Claire M

"At the start of the challenge I could run 2 mins on the treadmill non stop.  My goals was 10 mins by the end of the challenge.  At week 7 I am running 20 mins!! I am still in shock!  Thanks In 2 Life Fitness"
Christie D

"Carolyn provided me with great support during the 8 week challenge. The Trainers are fantastic!! I am really happy with how my fitness has improved and for the first time in years I look forward to exercising.  Thanks guys! :)"
Elena S

"After having my 2nd child and not having much energy to keep up with my 4 year old, I knew I had to change and I knew Carolyn was the one to help me on my journey. I had a c-section with both my children, I had NO CORE strength, now I am at level 2! I could not lunge or squat as my legs were so weak, and now I can see the improvement in my leg strength. These are the reasons why I would recommend the 8 week challenge. The support isn't a 9-5 thing, Carolyn and the team offer continuous support day or night.. I'm always messaging Carolyn asking about nutritional advice. This is not just a job for Carolyn and Marina, they truly care about their clients."
Chelsea C

"Fitness that is Fun!! Each class greets you with a smile and a different challenge to keep things fresh and enjoyable.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 week challenge with Carolyn and her team.  So much so I have singed up for the next one."
Frank T

"Joining In 2 Life Fitness brought my motivation for health and fitness back.  Every class you receive encouragement and every class pushes you that bit further.  The classes vary and no 2 classes are ever the same.  I will be doing the next 8 week challenge again and highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting a healthier lifestyle."
Marsha T
"Thank you Carolyn for your ongoing support, encouragement and motivation. You inspire me to push me to be the best I can be in my fitness.  I am happy with my results and look forward to more training to maintain what I've achieved."

All classes are held at the Studio at 51/22-30 Wallace Avenue, Point
Cook in a child friendly environment.
Classes are run by qualified Personal Trainers.  We don't just stand around
watching you train.  We are in amongst you giving you
attention, correction on technique and motivation.

HIRT - High Intensity Resistance Training - work the whole body with interval training to maximise fat burn and cardio endurance while toning up and conditioning your muscles.

Boxing Blitz - Condition your whole body and your mind while working the upper and lower body and core. All sessions different involving combinations, tabata or drill work. Accommodates all levels of fitness and can be enjoyed by beginners through to advanced.

FitBox - Boxing class with emphasis on extra cardio to really get the fat burn happening.

Fit & Strong - A longer session with half dedicated to strength training to build lean muscle, and half to fitness and cardio to reshape the body.

Taut & Toned
- Get toned and in shape with our dedicated strength and conditioning class using weights.Each session works a different part of the body to ensure a full body workout with reasonable rest periods.

- Burn fat and boost metabolism with our dedicated cardio class to fast track your results - sessions include circuits, MetaPwr, Metafit, timed rounds and more.

HIIT Squad - Mix up your sessions with our High Intensity Interval Training session that is different each week and enables you to work with your squad team mates to boost metabolism and use the whole body to get maximum results.

SSS - Super Saturday Session - run on the first Saturday of each month, this class will replace normal Saturday timetable, and incorporate all 3 trainers working at the same time over 3 separate workouts.  3 trainers + 3 workouts = more sweat.
Come along, meet some new friends and get fit and healthy in a fun and
encouraging environment!  Click here to request more information.


The 8 Week Challenge has changed so much!  I can run up stairs!  My clothes are so loose now. I am making better food choices and watching my portion sizes  Even if I do go off track I don't beat myself up, but get back on track and keep going.  I get annoyed if I can't make it to classes!  Thank you Carolyn and your team for our support and encouragement.
Gael E

I finally have focus on the food to eat to fuel my body and it's now showing on the scales.  I've enjoyed the extra energy I now have to keep up with the family.  Looking back my fitness, health and lifestyle have changed in big ways.  I would never have been able to do all this without the help and support of Carolyn and all my training friends.
Danielle C

The 8 Week Body Transformation was the best thing I have done.  It keeps
me motivated and I love seeing the before and after results in measures and testing.  It keeps you on track, and you look forward to seeing all hard work pay
off at the end. In 2 challenges, I lost a total of 13.6kg and 39.5cm.  I also improved in
strength across my entire body.  In my last challenge I even managed run
400m without stopping.  Before I joined In 2 Life Fitness I had not run for 20 years since injuring my knee, and I would have laughed if you asked me to do a toe push up or a wall sit. Now I can't wait to go to the group classes every day and my
fitness has become a priority in my life.  The classes are awesome, with
no one class the same as another.  I have fun, I have a laugh & I get fit,
healthy & strong at the same time. 

I would not be feeling fitter, healthier and more energetic if it wasn't for the
In 2 Life Fitness team.  I would highly recommend the 8 week Body
Transformation for anybody.  It's for all ages, sizes, fitness levels & sexes. 
I will never look back now.
Lisa L

The main benefit of the challenge was healthy lifestyle changes, which then
lead to results that I could never have dreamed of. My personal results were
far better than I ever expected. The other benefit was achieving these results
with the encouragement of the others. There was also the sharing of information |
as to what worked for each other. The biggest benefit was the confidence that
I gained. The person that came out of the challenge was not the one that went in.
I don’t know or care where that person went, but they won’t be coming back?

I  recommend the challenge purely because it works! The friendships that you
form along the way are motivating. I had been through a tough year and did
not believe that I could come back from it. The support, strength and
mentoring from Carolyn and the In 2 Life Team has made me stronger
than ever, and that you should always believe in yourself.
Kerry J


Before I started the 8 week challenge I was fat fifty and really unfit. I was scared to
go to a gym because I didn't want know what to do. In2life welcomed me everyone
encouraged me people I had never met told me that I was doing great and keep
going. I love that the trainers are always there and if I'm struggling with an exercise
they give me something else that I can do. Now I'm feeling great have lots more
energy and a great group of friends. I look forward to going to the gym I never thought
I'd say that.
Justine G